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Nervuré 25/1070 B - PERFOLUX

Nervuré 25/1070 B - PERFOLUX - perfo partielle

The environment in a barn has a direct impact on hygiene as well as on the livestock welfare and health.

Therefore the air flow has to be controlled to provide a healthy environment. Light is an important comfort factor which also increases productivity.

The translucent perforated PERFOLUX sheet combines these 2 benefits:

• Optimum ventilation

• Natural light


PERFOLUX is manufactured from an ONDEX bi-stretched translucent sheet giving it outstanding strength renown for over 40 years.

Thanks to a patented system developed in partnership with the French Livestock-breeders’ Institute RENOLIT ONDEX has designed a product with a triple efficiency: 

• A light transmission over 60%

• A wind tunnel tested windbreak efficiency 

• A shock-resistance much higher than other materials


• Windbreak efficiency: 90 %

• Calculated multiplying coefficient: 8.5

• Resistance to the impact of a steel ball weighing 510 g dropping from a height of 7 m

• Heights: 1.5 m, 2 m and 2.5 m*

• Overall width: 1.106 m

• Effective width: 1.07 m

• Light transmission > 60 %

• UV protection on both sides

* Other heights on request